● Producibility:high integration All-in-room design,rack,cooling,power in one set system.
● Fast building:single row,close/open hot cold aisle building option.
● High density:Maximum 5KVA power for one rack.
● Air conditioner type:inrow unit.
● Modularity product:UPS and intelligent power unit using efficient model.
● Green energy saving:PUE<1.5.




● Apply to 20m² data center.
● Use into the data center of internet,carrieroperator,government,enterprise,education,hospital,banking etc.


● 4 units 19inch 42U standard rack together with aisle containment components,unit rack capacity of 5KVA; 1 unit 20KW inrow air conditioner.
● 1 unit 20KVA UPS and battery group,1 unit power distribution cabinet.
● 1 set environment monitoring management system.
● MDC covers an area of 4.32 m, with a front and rear maintenance area for 1200mm; left and right maintenance area for 600mm;the standard usage area of a 1T4R MDC is 15.6 m.
● The height of MDC is 2300mm, with a maintenance height of 300mm, totally standard height of 2600mm.

Expansion and Customized Configuration

MDC products can adjust the quantity and power of every single cabinet, being flexible configuration and Expansion according to the site conditions and actual needs.